non-invasive treatments

Here are the Non-Invasive Tools I use in my treatment room. I will pick the tools that are best suited to your skin type and treatment goals.



Celluma LED Light Treatment


Celluma LED LightsFeatures and Benefits• Has settings for both Acne and Anti-Aging Treatments• Pleasantly Relaxing• Pre-programed for Optimum Results


Cool Touch for Reducing Inflammation










Radiancy FSD (Facial Stimulating Device) for Anti-Aging












VB 1000 Energy Light Rejuvenation for Acne and Anti-Aging












Ultrasonic Spatula for Deep Pore Cleansing










Eye Rejuvenation Microcurrent









So Sound® Treatment Table











PSS Microdermabrasion Machine

Cool Touch Cooling

Features and Benefits

• Quickly reduces redness and Inflammation

• Speeds up recovery from Exfoliation

• Comfortable

FSD (Facial Stimulating Device)

Features and Benefits

• Non-invasive

• Non-abrassive

• Noticeable results after 1 treatment

• No down time or recovery

• Affordable as a single treatment or the recommended 8 sessions

Energy Light Rejuvenation

Features and Benefits

• Non-invassive

• No Side Effects

• No Down time

• Holistic

• Look Rested, Awake, Rejuvented

Spatula for Exfoliation and Deep Penetration

Features and Benefits

• Gentle Exfoliating

• Eases Extractions of Pores

• Deep Penetration of Serums for Super Hydration

Features and Benefits

• Gentle on Delicate Eye Area

• Pleasant Warming Sensation

• Deep Penetration of Serums

So Sound® Treatment Table

Features and Benefits

• Music travels through the Chords to Energize and Relax  your body

• Effortlessly and Comfortably Aids in Moving Lymph, the Detox System

• Feels Wonderful!

PSS Microdermabrasion System

Features and Benefits

• Uses Crystals of Bauxite, a natural element, to Exfoliate Dead Skin

• Adjustable Settings

• Leaves Skin Soft and Smooth

• Minimal Down Time, typically 24 hours or less

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